We are CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE curators and INNOVATION accelerators for airlines.

We DESIGN sustainable end-to-end travel experiences to transform the passenger journey into customer satisfaction boosters whilst generating smart savings.
We BUILD a network of innovative start-ups and highly specialised companies to combine expertise and accelerate the air travel market transformation.
We BELIEVE in creating tomorrow’s travel experience together.

“The journey not the arrival matters.’’ T.S. Eliot

Travel experience booster

We create solutions that transform your travel experience into customer satisfaction boosters and generate smart savings.

We know the mechanics of travel experience design, development and implementation. We have the skills,
insights and deep industry expertise needed to shape new forms of customer value and increase loyalty.

Highly specialized in air travel, we build objective solutions embracing the customer, sustainability, your business strategy, data analytics and technology.

“Customer experience is the new competitive battleground. It’s where business is going to be won or lost.’’
Tom Knighton
“Susta.IN is an unbiased sustainability manifesto for airlines, which is context-specific, purpose-driven, affordable and actionable.’’

In today’s world of air travel, where experiences and customer-centricity are considered the ultimate currency, the role of sustainability – in every sense of the word – has never been more important.


The manifesto is curated to help airlines, affected by the EU Circular Economy Initiative and the new single-use plastics directive, define an objective view and gain a deep understanding of sustainable initiatives, so they can make the right choices before investing in any change.


Susta.IN offers real, durable and impartial insights for The Sustainable Cabin, scrutinizes the cost, value and lifecycle of products & services, considers recyclability and waste management, and proposes well-curated innovative solutions.

Savings lab

We create solutions that generate smart savings whilst enhancing your customer satisfaction scores.
We identify opportunities to generate substantial savings of different nature:

Saving the planet: sustainability

Saving money: cost, weight and waste management reduction

Saving time: outsource to experts

Total savings program: save time, save money and focus on your customer

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’’


We open doors, connect best-in-class industry expertise and pioneer the first travel experience incubator.

Together, we design, build and implement fully integrated end-to-end experiences combining expertise in food concepts & brands, sustainability, comfort, technology, inflight entertainment and loyalty program platforms.

We spot, match and bring together disruptive start-ups and
customer-centric companies with niche expertise from around the world to accelerate the air travel market’s transformation.

Do you want to be part of our ecosystem?
Contact us!

“We can truly achieve great things when we all come together.’’
Richard Branson


Product development

Design & branding

Food & beverage concepts


Service design & delivery

Implementation programs

Project management

Business development

Marketing & PR


Inflight entertainment


Data science & AI

Comfort solutions



Customer Experience Curation

Using customers insights, we design, build and implement a cross-functional strategy. We help you make the business case, obtain validation, run pilot tests and manage implementation.


Strategy Workshops

We make you innovate like start-ups through strategy consulting, challenging the norm and generating transformational programs.


Innovation Acceleration

We commercialize and speed up the
process of project implementation: from idea to launch and market roll-out.


Smart network

We connect great people and great companies.


Strategy & consulting

We match your business strategy with your customers needs.



We share our expertise in customer experience, food concepts,
brands, innovation, design and digital transformation for air travel.



Travel and lifestyle have been Anne’s drivers for ever! Her fashion marketing and business administration education took her to Paris, New York and Firenze, and after having achieved experience in retail at luggage multinational Samsonite and in duty free at pearl jeweller Misaki for 6 years, she entered the airline market early 2008.

Both as VP Innovation and Customer Experience at global caterer Gategroup, Anne has accumulated 10 years experience in the aviation sector and more than 15 years in creative product development & brand strategy. Her key areas of expertise are designing and delivering customer-centric solutions that enhance the travel experience. Anne has set-up the Gategroup innovation centre of excellence and led product development, marketing, key campaigns, innovation and transformational programs in both B2B and B2C environments. Anne has been member of the Board of Directors of Servair.

In April 2018, Anne founded IN Air Travel Experience and her dream is to help transform airlines into customer-centric, sustainable and dramatically different travel experience providers.


Anne-Céline breathes food and design throughout her career and life. Raised in a fine cuisine family, she quickly turned to co-hosting infamous restaurants in the Netherlands next to her Art Studies. Driven by astute business acumen and a goal getting mentality, she continued as an Art Director to later combine strategy with design, food, hospitality culture, innovations and complex operations.

At Gategroup she worked as a Director Innovation & Experience Strategy contributing to the transformational change in airline food. In her private life she currently lives in Amsterdam and travels through-out Europe, to keep inspired about cultures, travel habits and experiences.

Anne-Céline is Director Strategy & Experience Design at IN Air Travel Experience. She smartly combines her passion for design, product development and business acumen to create new business models arounds products, services and brands related to the airline customer experience.


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